Finnish developers team 10 tons announced their upcoming action RPG from the open world Dysmantle. The special dystopical island where it will take place consists of virtually just the raw materials that you can freely distribute to them. And then turn you down to get away from this damn island

“Dysmantle for us as a studio presents a great challenge because it combines many games and genres we love. Besides our own ideas, we took the interesting ones from the last Zelda, Stardew Valley, Subnautics, Steamworld Dig and Dark Souls, and we mix them with a unique experience. We can not wait to see what you will say, “said director 10tons Tero Alatalo.


The basic genre will be an action RPG, you will be able to devote a wide variety of activities. 99% of things can be broken down into basic materials, from which you will initially create primitive tools and weapons, as well as more advanced armor and talismans. In addition, you will explore the island, fight on it, hunt, solve puzzles, farm, fish, brew, and so on, etc.

The story of Dysmantle takes place in an abandoned place where time has stopped somewhere between 70. and 90th years (that would be in the eighties?) to an unspecified serious catastrophe. Just like in Fallout you start by pushing your nose from your safe underground bunker, and you’re not surprised how much the world has changed.

10tons are planning to release at the end of this year for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch, but also count on future generations of consoles and consider releasing the release after release. version for mobile phones.

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