The end of 2018 is now in the offing and it’s time to take a look at what’s going on in Android mobile games. Those who have probably surprised you the most, the more amused, and you may even be able to take the opportunity to earn money. Thus, we will review six great classics that marked this year 2018, the first three in a paying register, then the next three accessible in free-to-play . For the last one, it’s a small bonus, and a big BIG surprise, since it is only for the moment that a Early Access and that the final version will be fully acted current 2019. In short, there is only good!

The best paid Android games in 2018

To enjoy a good game on Android, the best way is still to pay. But in this case, it is always better to know what to expect. It would be a shame to remain disappointed after a bad surprise. The games we present to you are known and recognized, but keep in mind that the player must pay to play and that it is not about mobile games accessible like Slotmania where you can play on mobile casinos and on PC . However, we believe that these games are more rewarding in terms of engagement, history, and overall experience for all ages.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

Our series certainly begins with Final Fantasy XV. While this title was a real event on consoles as PC, the franchise of Square Enix finally invited on Android. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a real nugget. The gameplay, the fighting, the scenario, the graphics or the solo explorations, in this huge world of Eos, could only be appreciated by mobile players. And while the foldable screen of Andromeda will facilitate a better experience of games on our smartphones, fans of the Final Fantasy series will be the first delighted.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is a true nugget …

Legend Of Solgard

This creation of the King Studios is undoubtedly the MMORPG of the Year on Android. It is a beautiful invitation to join the fight in the Far North that we accepted with immense joy. This title does not suffer from any defect, the gameplay can recall a certain DOTA 2, you can choose your class here, perform quests solo or cooperation, found your guild and experience the great world that awaits you. It’s time to build your army on Legend Of Solgard, discover the many scenarios that will come your way, and have endless fun.

This game will be a good appetizer before a larger mastodon comes to take over in early 2019. This is of course The Elder Scrolls: Blades. So get ready before you experience the biggest visual slap and experience of your life on Android in the MMORPG registry. Players can already enjoy a first trailer heralding a success in the making.

Without a doubt the MMORPG of the on Android …

Age Of Civilizations II

A little strategy and methodology for all the conquerors of this world. Unwind, but above all be methodical about your approach to Poland, not to undermine the diplomatic relations you have with Castile, or the sale of weapons to China that could harm you. Age Of Civilization II is the Android 2018 game that concentrates everything that can be brought together in the field of strategy. The map shows exactly the course of events in history with a large H.

Several dozens of civilizations can be chosen at the beginning of the game, and above all, each player will be free to shape and shape the world he dreams of. The ability to play against other players, completely free, after having acquired the application for only € 5, will be most appreciated, with games that can last several days, weeks or months if it must to submit his enemy. All really welcome this game, which we could at first compare to the great success of Firaxis Game, but in the content, it’s quite different, and much more varied even. We let you discover this little nugget of 2018 before a new number is born in 2019 why not. In any case, we are asking for more.

Age of Civilization II is the Android game 2018 which concentrates all that can be gathered in the field of the strategy …

The Free-To-Play still has the rating

Around the games on Android, free-to-play is still the best way for people who do not want to invest money in a game. If the paid games can deliver unpleasant surprises in the content, the free -to-play can also be very vicious with microtransactions. It is important to know how to keep all things, and some publishers have changed the image of free-to-play, to offer something big, really free, and even if some content will not be accessible to you, it does not matter. will not prevent your progression from being a success. It will take just a little regularity.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Who could have believed it one day? Harry Potter arrives today on mobiles! Finally, if we could have guessed it, the story of J.K. Rowling sells in every form, and beats every record at every transformation. And if the actors did not all endure the pressure of such a global success, this time, it is perhaps your Android that will not hold the shock.

Before you jump on this title published by Portkey Games and developed by Jam City, we wanted to bring you some very crucial information. Yes, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is based on J.K. Rowling’s story. No circle, we do not laugh when it comes to our dear Harry, and no initiative from the designers of mobile gaming. However, the only novelty is that you will not incarnate Harry, but a sorcerer’s apprentice that you can “build” from scratch. It is by all these aspects, and its access in free-to-play, that the game is naturally classified as one of the best of the year 2018.

You Will not Embody Harry, but a sorcerer’s apprentice that you can “build” from scratch …

Arena Of Valor

It will have been necessary to wait until the end of this year for it to arrive on our smartphones, but it is now done, the League Of Legends on Android is there. We have proposed to you a thorough test and even if the name of Arena Of Valor does not connote directly with LoL, the concept is exactly the same. Moreover, we recalled the links between the developer of the first, Tencent, and the publisher of the second are simply the same.

Thus, it is more than normal to find this same formula MOBA type (Multiplier Online Battle Arena), and where each player will lead his own avatar, develop the skills that seem to him the most indispensable to help his team, and achieve beat the opposing teams, also made real players behind their Android device. Thus, this game can only be played in a network, and there are two factions of 5 players that will compete for several minutes in a row. Plan for long evenings, but it’s definitely worth seeing, especially in free-to-play.

Each player will train his own avatar, will develop the skills that seem to him the most indispensable to help his team …

PUBG Mobile

This is the chef’s surprise for the end of 2018! Player Unknown’s Battleground is coming to Android. Already strong of its success on computer at the end of the year 2017, then on console in mid-2018, it is from now on mobile that the players will confront, again online, without needing to buy it. So, of course, if you want to quickly develop your character, it will take a financial effort, but it is far from an obligation. We also recall that an Early Access still requires little work to achieve. Several bugs remain: problems for the aim are still to be studied, as well as some problems of alignment on the map proposed, but we can count on a game at 100% calibrated for the beginning of the year 2019.

The Chief’s surprise for this purpose year 2018!



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